Spanish at Northland College

At Northland College, the Spanish program will give you opportunities to develop, hone, and refine your foreign language skills: it’s all about fluency and proficiency.   You can enroll in two years of Spanish courses for a total of four courses.  These courses help prepare you for graduate school language requirements, give you a solid language foundation for the world of work, and offer you possibilities for further study in international programs.  Any of your previous language experience may be recognized by Northland College, while up to 16 language credits can be granted through national examination testing.

Dr. Michele Geslin Small
Professor of English and Modern Languages


Northland College

The Spanish Service Program will provide you with the skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence to enter a profession as a global educator and a leader. Apply Now.

Contact Information

Michele Small 715-682-1330 Email.

Michele Small - Research Through Photography

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